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HI EVERYBODY La la la la finally i'm bringing to you a list commission pricing! I'm sorry(for those of you who have been waiting) for taking so long to come up with this but now I have you covered.  Your Original Characters, favorite Heroes/Heroines/Villains, Videogame characters, and even your favorite celebrities are welcome to be drawn. If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to contact me so that we may come to a terms for business. For any other examples of my work please contact me through email. I'll talk to you soon. 
OH YES and contact me at to begin talking business. And a HUGE SHOUTOUT to my man phil-cho for helping me out in figuring out how to set this up!! THANK YOU!!! Without further or due I present to you business:

Commission Prices:

***All prices are based at the size of 8.5x11 the size and detail of the drawing may vary the price***
***All media for art will be inkwash,watercolor, and or Color Pencil based I do not currently have the materials for digital art :( sorry***

-Bust Drawings(Drawing of the Head Only)

*Black and White $10.00 
Wonder Woman (Alex Ross Study / Lighting practice) by BluBoiArt Commission by BluBoiArt

Venom Avatar by BluBoiArt The Green Goblin by BluBoiArtSSJ Goku of Dragon Ball Z by BluBoiArt  It'sa MEEEEEEE!!! by BluBoiArt

-Half Body(PinUp Drawings)
*Black and White $30.00 
Ghost Rider WIP by BluBoiArt  Ringleader PAIN by BluBoiArt

*Color $40.00
Now Lets Put  Smile On That Face LOL by BluBoiArt  JUSTICE Profile: Aquaman by BluBoiArt

-Full Body (simple background)
*Black and White $40.00 
Ironman Lineart(WIP) by BluBoiArt Captain America by BluBoiArt

*Color $50.00
Watercolor WolveChibi by BluBoiArt  The White Ranger (w/o Outline) by BluBoiArt

Avengers Assembled: Ironman by BluBoiArt

-Full Scale Composition Comic Style with ACTION!!!!(**Price range will rise if depending on the requested background and amount of characters.***)

*Black and White $100 
Battle Of Gaming Gods by BluBoiArt Brawl In The Woods Inkwash 2 by BluBoiArt The Green Ranger by BluBoiArt

*Color $150
Nightwing by BluBoiArt  Fight Of His Life by BluBoiArt

 Force Rock Power by BluBoiArt

**Any alterations or additions will cost an additional fee but will be reasonable that I promise. Complex backgrounds add $10.00 to the original pricing. Additions of more than one character will be add $10.00 per character.
***IF you do not give me a specific pose/action that you want you character it will be assumed that you want you character in a stance where they are facing forward. Please tell me in EXACT detail what your looking for...YOU are paying for the art and I will oblige with your desired art.***
**If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to contact me here on Deviantart OR contact me by email at   
**I will be taking payment through PAYPAL and I require you to pay me half(thats the starting point of your commission), and the rest when your piece is finished.**
***Last but not least if you want the original artwork sent to you, an additional fee of $30.00 will take place to cover materials, shipping/handling, etc. primarily because all art I create currently is traditional artwork/ OLDSCHOOL.***


1. Contact me on my email address to express your interest.
2. Give me in EXACT DETAIL what you are looking for:
    -Tell me who or what character(s) you want
    -Specific action/pose you want your chosen character to be in
    -(optional) The background of choice(if you so choose to have         one, detailed backgrounds will add to your ending amount.)
    -(If you want it colored) Choose between the two mediums i have     available.  Watercolor  or  Color Pencil
    -Express ANY other concerns or questions you'll have.
    -Once we half of the amount of the piece you want is sent to me through             paypal (i'll help you with the transaction). I will begin on your piece and send       you updates from time to time through email to see how you're liking your art.             
List of request:

    Line of Requesters:                    STATUS OF COMMISSION:

1. phil-cho                              complete-…
2. N. Tig                                   complete-…
3.  Lil' Darrington                        complete-…
4.  Sheeda                                 In Progress
5.  Sheeda                                 In Progress
6.  Sheeda                                 In Progress
7.  Sheeda                                 In Progress

*For any more examples of my works to give you an even better idea of my work check me out on instagram here is a link:
And of course always check my gallery there is plenty of examples there for you eyeholes.


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I Can't BELIEVE IT!! I have 9,000 views :o thats awesome gotta keep em comin!! Sorry for the delay of deviations i've been busy folks but stay tuned I WILL keep you posted!!!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 6:43 AM
YES!!!! I just got my book in the mail, "The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross" is ASTOUNDINGLY EPIC an artist bible of reference...GO GET ONE!!!!
Tue Dec 31, 2013, 4:49 PM
Okay i figured it OUT!! You use reference just to mold in your own twisted imaginings LOL...WHY DID'NT I THINK OF THIS BEFORE AHHHH I shoulda had a V8!!!
Sun Dec 15, 2013, 12:00 PM
It is official i'm DONE drawing from memory and imagination it's just using reference with your work makes it look a TON better. But I guess I shoulda alreay knew that LOL.
Sun Dec 15, 2013, 11:57 AM
I've been going skech crazy I think it's time to settle down and do an actual project....BUT sketching and drawing is so fun :D
Wed Nov 13, 2013, 4:02 PM


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azrael-al10 Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav! You have a pretty awesome gallery.
I think I'll keep an eye on you
BluBoiArt Mar 24, 2014   Traditional Artist
Really?! Thank you sir, i'm currently working on building it up with the new things I've learned. And I will be sure to not disappoint you sir. By the way you gotta do more of those profiles man. That Blanka is pretty AWESOME!!! Great work
Unreal-Forever Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BluBoiArt Mar 24, 2014   Traditional Artist
THAKN YOU SIR! Just another year older ya know and a LOT more WORK TO DO!!! Just keep grinding just keep grinding.
Unreal-Forever Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAHA!!, Yeah!! :D and :iconvicing0034::iconvicing005::iconvicing006::icondragonhugplz:
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